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Analysis of common plastic raw material airsoft bb

The classification used airsoft bb raw materials have three kinds, the first is the nature of plastic raw materials, second kinds of metal materials, third kinds of glass materials, including the use of the most advantage is the production of plastic raw materials according to the needs of airsoft bb, airsoft bb and various weight, environmental protection and safety, and the metal BB heavy weight, BB the gun can not use ordinary basic metal materials need to be modified BB BB, the gun can be used after the modification of airsoft bb technology takes the gun to a good modification, and modification of BB gun after both at home and abroad all belong to the control of firearms, in Chinese is already illegal things, say that the glass airsoft bb. Just BB will look good glass appearance, but poor security, once the glass airsoft bb hit the target, there may be broken, damage to the game to play CS, so in many countries is forbidden Stop using glass airsoft bb.

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