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airsoft bb grinding machine, polishing machine working principle

Roughly the same method of grinding grinding machine and other plastic BB ball products, the only difference is that there are more airsoft bb grinding technology difficulty, mainly the production of raw materials in the process of airsoft bb, after high temperature, physical properties have changed, more to be fragile, so a method of polishing and ordinary plastic balls are different, the main difference airsoft bb is grinding mill speed is not too fast, not too much pressure in grinding, BB research main structure of mill is a round iron machine, diameter 800mm thickness is 50mm, with a lot of lathe slot, and the circular iron correspondence is the same size above wheel. The car in the same number and slot below the wheel can rotate at high speed, drive the airsoft bb blank ball at a high-speed rotation, the synchronous rotation of the grinding wheel at the same time, the plastic BB ball cutting blank Cut grinding, after more than five hours grinding and eventually out of semi-finished airsoft bb precision can reach -0.01mm, then to just freshly ground to semi-finished BB Pinball into high-speed polishing machine and join corresponding airsoft bb polishing liquid polishing, after about one hour of polishing, BB surface is bright and clean degree has reached quality requirements, finally to airsoft bb for dehydration, and then out of the product package, you can guarantee both quality and quantity of export goods.

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