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airsoft BB weight standard to distinguish various specifications

airsoft BB?????BB?????? gun character into play according to the weight of the power or use. The following shows the character of the weight of different 6mmBB shells and the appropriate use. Generally speaking, in terms of the relationship between the cost of materials, if it is the same approach, then heavy things. However, in the 8mmBB bomb?????BB??????, from manufacturers to continue the trial error, not the status of such a classification can.

0.12-0.16g... Most slightly cheaper. For the silver ball over the airairsoft gun, airsoft BB ?????BB??????gun 10 year old age. The opposite to the more than 18 year old gun, too light, and is not appropriate.

0.20-0.23g... As the object of the age of more than 18 years of age, the use of air software cancer things, the most general. For purposes of not being particularly high precision (an attacker for survival games). In the face of more than 10 years old gun loading is too heavy, and the effective range becomes shorter.

0.25-0.33g... Because there is no bubble, so in the stability of the tendency to have airsoft BB ballistic trajectory. The purpose of being demanding high accuracy (shooting competition, survival game sniper).

0.36-0.43g... For power from the high air airsoft BB?????BB?????? gun pudding king, the class of things, with the use of the game of living are not allowed.

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